Galvanized in part by the 2012 New England Compounding Center (NECC) crisis, national and state policymakers, together with patient safety advocates and industry experts, worked to identify and set about the task of addressing the many risks inherent in compounding medicine for patients, and to identify both policy and quality measures to improve the safety of medicines administered to hospital patients in particular.  A number of those convenings helped to underpin new hospital medication safety policy and practice and change the way in which many medications are produced, distributed and delivered to hospital patients today.

More than five years after the NECC event, with multiple convenings and the creation of new policies, tools and accreditation programs, it is worth reviewing the current landscape to assess what works best, and where gaps remain, in hospital medication safety.  Though there has not been another “NECC crisis,” hospital medication contaminations continue to occur, and the opportunity to refine best practices and build upon learnings over the last five years is timely.

The Roundtable on Patient Safety and Hospital Compounding aims to bring together leading patient safety, public health, prescriber, provider, pharmacist, and manufacturer voices for a discussion on the current landscape, and to use those learnings to set forth a next phase of consensus recommendations that build upon the vital work that has occurred in the previous five years.  

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